15 Dec 2020

Masks will be required for all home activities. Please click here for information.


The Hamlin School District announces a change for fans at Hamlin High School winter activities this season. We are leaving the high school activities attendance as open for the winter, we are asking people who plan to attend to wear a mask at all activities this winter.

If someone is unwilling or unable to wear a mask, then we ask that they remain at home or follow the various events that can be viewed online. The open attendance applies at the high school and middle school level.

Since we are bringing in members of the public, including visitors from out of town, we want all to feel safe attending Hamlin activities. We are taking this step to continue to allow our students to participate in as many activities as possible and keeping everyone healthy is the best way to do this. We ask that people bring their own masks to attend events, but some disposable masks will be offered at the entrance for those who do not have one.

We want to keep our open attendance, so that all Charger fans can attend, but we may need to limit if we don’t have cooperation from the public in wearing masks.

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